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Jason Shohara


Jason Shohara Book In the 23rd Century, A. Gordon Sakata observes that the Republic of North America are treated as discards — or as he describes it, “Kami Jin” (paper people). With a national unemployment rate of 95%, people are losing their jobs daily due to artificial intelligence and robotics. This is a diary of an unemployed college professor that chronicles his life of being homeless, through incarceration in a concentration camp, and his rescue by his extraterrestrial wife who rescues him and takes him to Xychron where he becomes emperor of the planet and returns to rescue the oppressed from Earth and takes them to a land of paradise.
Jason Shohara


Where is the world going? Do people have a clear direction of life? The world constantly talks about peace in the world. Yet it still practices the business of solving its problems through wars, fighting and killing. Governments are ineffective and leading their people in the wrong direction. Many books have offered theories to fix the ills of the world by promoting peace, but none have inspired people to take action. This book is by a commoner written for the people from an average person’s perspective.
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